CC x E CC x mass x space2/time2

I feel as if I was a research scientist, though without ties to an institution. This leaves me free to engage in multi-disciplinary research.  As a scientist, I have formulated a hypothesis that has led me to unprecedented conclusions. I have sought rigorous counter-arguments but not found any. My hypothesis is based on using scientific terms to indicate the probable existence of some kind of creatively conscious pure energy (CC x E) independent of matter and space-time. I then demonstrate that this consciousness has an autonomous coupling to all matter in space-time.



We live in space-time. We, and all the objects we see around us, consist of matter. The energy on which we depend is bound in extremely small “particles” engaged in mutual reactions with larger particles. Our existence in space-time is conscious: both you and I know this. This is in fact the most fundamental observation any of us can make. So, our very existence consists of matter, space-time and consciousness. In Einstein´s well-known theory of relativity we see that matter, space and time are associated with energy: more precisely, E = mass x 300000² km²/sec². If we avoid getting overwhelmed by the enormity of the coefficient, we can see that matter, space and time are interrelated; we already know that they harbour our consciousness.


The essential principle of Einstein´s equation is that energy can be translated into matter in space-time, which in turn is associated with consciousness.


On the right-hand side of the equation we find mass, space and time; the essential pre-requisites of our conscious existence.


On the left-hand side of the equation we find ”E”, that is to say the strict mathematical expression for pure energy.


According to the basic norms of mathematics, an equation presents two different expressions for exactly the same thing, one on each side of the equals sign.


This equation describes a transformation, analogous to the familiar reactions of chemistry: in this case the conversion E m x c² between matter and energy, nowadays a well-known part of our everyday world.


It follows that the right-hand side of the equation shows our existence, consciousness x mass x space-time.


On the left-hand side we have nothing but pure energy ”E”, without reference to matter or space-time.


Since we have associated a new factor, CC (creative consciousness) with the right-hand side of the equation, we must also associate the same factor with the left-hand side: CC x E, that is to say, creative consciousness consisting only of pure energy.


This for me is an unavoidable logic that I find very disturbing.


It follows from this, that since energy can be transformed into matter in space-time and since pure energy is associated with a factor CC (creative consciousness), then all matter must be associated with CC.


CC x E CC x mass x space-time

That is to say, all matter has an autonomous coupling to some kind of constructive consciousness, CC.


Is this in accordance with our physical world?



Discussion: Pure energy

A single superstring contains the same amount of energy as 2,7 g of matter. When this energy is released, it becomes available as pure energy.


The energy in our matter – space – time existence is bound to energy particles: photons, electrons, gluons, gravitons, vector bosons, etc.


Approximately 74% of our universe consists of undefined dark energy.


Our measuring instruments are all based on matter, space and time. Pure energy is not easy to demonstrate.


Big Bang

Pure energy ’condenses’ into matter and space-time.


Before Big Bang: time does not exist, space does not exist, mass does

not exist.


After Big Bang: Black holes represent the opposite of Big Bang.

Matter increases its complexity in accordance with a single set of rules common to the entire universe. Its complexity is astounding in its precision and stability. This can be explained by the factor CC.

            - As this complexity increases, so does CC´s complexity

            - The existence of life is apparently a consequence of the original properties of matter (Dagens Nyheter, Stockholm, 11/6 2006)

            - David Bohm says concerning the ’quantum soup’: ”It is like a mind-like system”

            - Darwin´s theory of evolution, which is better at cataloguing changes that have already occurred than at explaining why they have done so, can be explained with the factor CC.

ID (Intelligent Design) can be explained with the CC factor, and can be made more or less identical to Darwin´s theory of evolution by merely extending the time axis.


With the increasing complexity and increasing perceptive and cognitive abilities of our incredible brains as tools, our own CC increases to our analytical level.


Religious analysis

Eternity is explained by CC x E time – space – mass do not exist.

God created us in his image – we consist of the same CC as our creator.

All religions have the same origin and creator. It follows that we do not have the right to kill each other, but should unite round that which we have in common.



E = m x c²

E = m x 300000² km²/sec²

E = mass x space²/time²

CC= creative consciousness

CC x mass x space²/time²

CCE= CC x mass x space²/time²

pure energy (E) contains CC

E m x c²

CCE CC x mass x space²/time²

all matter contains CC


CC x Mass x Space x Time are factors within the same existence and cannot

be analysed separately.


Sollentuna, Stockholm, Sweden

11th June 2006


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