Questions to Stephen Hawking and Brian Greene

1. Is it possible that the Big Bang was caused by some kind of Pure Energy free from mass-space-time? And that this Pure Energy exists within the principles of modern quantum physics 11 dimensions? Among them, is Stephen Hawkins imaginary time?

2. Because our mass has been caused by background radiation waves and these background radiation waves consist of fluctuations similar to a computer hard drive. This can be detected by spectrometer if enlarged 100,000 times. Is it possible that these fluctuation waves have instructions of an organizational complex building factor? Which result in our constructive consciousness which are bound to all complex materials?

3. Is it possible that pure energy in that case consist of some kind of complex building consciousness?

4. Is it possible that dark, vacuum and pure energy are the same?

5. If this pure energy can transfer to mass-space-time according to Einstein’s formula E=mc2. Is it possible to be aware of the acceleration in our galaxy enlarging? This is because “c2” stand for 300,0002 km2/sec2 and sec2 stands for an accelerating factor (a=km/sec2).

6. If the answer to these five question is NO. Can you explain why science today does not take into account where the fundamental laws of physics come from? How can things be self constructed without early fundamental instructions? How can you ignore our consciousness which is an obvious factor in our physical world?

Per Gålnander
Kvarnvägen 9
19251 Sollentuna